Maharaja Pranayama

Maharaja = Royal                            Pranayama = Breath

Maharaja Pranayama is the most commonly used breath and is used in all forms of yoga and meditation practise. It calms, connects and balances the body and mind.

Maharaja Pranayama can also be known as Three Chamber Breathing or the Full Yogic Breath. This refers to the three chambers of the torso. 

  1. The first chamber is located in the lower belly/back area or the abdomen
  2. The second chamber is located in rib area or the diaphragm 
  3. The third chamber is located in the chest 

How to practise Maharaja Pranayama

It is best to practise this breath erect, and relaxed. Tadasana and Sukhasana are great asanas for this. 

  • Inhaling – Air is inhaled through the nose and drawn down to the lower belly ballooning it open and drawing the breath into the ribs. The ribs expand sideways and draw the breath to the chest filling all the way to the collarbones. 
  • Exhaling – Air is exhaled through the nose, releasing the air from the chest, then the ribs contract inwards and belly condenses pushing the air out the way it came in. 

If practised consciously enough this can become an unconscious way to breath, your natural breath. 

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