Kapal = Skull                                    Bhati = Illuminating

Kapalabhati is not only a pranayama or breathing technique it is also a Kriya or purification practise. 

Kapalabhati is also known as Skull Shining Breath as it cleanses the nasal passageways and sinuses and supplys the brain with fresh a fresh supply of oxygen rich blood. It also cleanses the throat and lungs and stimulates the abdominal muscles and organs. 

How to practise Kapalabhati Pranayama;

  1. Stand with feet turned out over hip width apart
  2. Inhale to fill and expand the belly
  3. Assume a standing lions/cow pose
  4. Exhale and draw the diaphragm in and up moving into cat pose
  5. Repeat
  6. Just as in normal cat to lion/cow pose, move from the heart centre
  7. Try to do twenty moving up to sixty
  8. When finished, inhale fully and hold breath for as long as comfortable.

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