Bhastrika = Bellows

Bhastrika is a pumping style of breath where the lungs and belly are moved like a bellow. It is a powerful and energetic breath that increases prana, raises kundalini and can be used to energize the body and clarify the mind. 

Bhastrika is often called the breath of fire as it is quite powerful in heating the body, increasing oxygen and decreasing carbon dioxide. 

How to practise Bhastrika Pranayama; 

This pose is preferably done in Kneeling pose, Vajrasana but if this is not possible Sukhasana or Dandasana is fine. 

  1. Place palms on knees
  2. Lengthen spine and bring chin in slightly
  3. Relax stomach muscles
  4. Inhale forcefully through the nose expanding the belly fully like a bellow
  5. Exhale forcefully through the nose making a short hissing sound
  6. The inhale and exhale are short and sharp pumping the lungs and the belly quite quickly. 
  7. Do this for up to three minutes, starting at one minute. 

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